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Surroundings and Activities

Urnieta is a small town with a population of approximately 6238, situated in the region of Donostia-San Sebastián, in the north of Gipuzkoa. Enclosed by hills and mounds, the beauty of the forests, waterways and valleys around it make Urnieta the perfect spot for all nature lovers.

And for those sea enthusiasts, Urnieta is only 13 km away from the coast. You will be able to bask in the beaches of the coast of Gipuzkoa in just a few minutes.

As for gastronomy, there are plenty of cider houses and restaurants in town, where experiencing the traditional cooking will surely be a joy.

All this, and much more, will be at your disposal for you to enjoy during your stay in our Pensión Villa de Urnieta.


Despite it being a small town, Urnieta's prime location is considerably rich in patrimony.

Get to know the road symbols of Camino de Santiago, constructions designated as historic monuments (homesteads, town halls, church, foundry, windmills), natural heritage (aquifers, natural parks), archaeological sites (caves, lime furnaces , foundries), historic heritage (pastures) and megalithic structures (cromlech and dolmens).


Restaurants and bars
Restaurantes y bares

You will also be able to delight in the traditional gastronomy in any of the multiple restaurants available or taste the typical local drink “txakoli” (young fruity wine produced mainly in Vizcaya and Gipuzkoa) in one of our bars.

Zaldundegi Jatetxea-Restaurante
Besabi Jatetxea-Restaurante
Adarra Erretegia
Goimendi Garagardotegia
Aballarri Erretegia

French Basque Country
Pais Vasco Francés

The beauty and appeal of the French Basque Country is worthy of praise, a deep-green landscape dotted with the characteristic local houses, all white with a touch of red and green, bordered by a coast that constitutes, for decades now, a traditional destination of choice for the local upper-middle class and thousands of surfing enthusiasts who come from miles away to ride an Atlantic Ocean wave.

Towns such as Biarritz, Hendaia, San Juan de Luz, San Juan de Pier de Puerto or Bayona, are just mere examples of what you will find in this region.

San Juan de Luz
San Juan de Pie de Puerto
Montains and valleys
Montes y valles

Urnieta is surrounded by hills and mounds with a discontinuous mosaic of intricate valleys and small waterways. Mount Adarra (817m) is the highest natural point in the area. The abundant megalithic structures around provide these valleys with a historically rich background and make them the perfect trail to cover either on foot or by bike.

Visit the following links to get to know better the routes across the Adarra, Onddi, Buruntza, Ernio, etc., mountains.

Rutas por Gipuzkoa
Rutas por Urnieta

Donostia-San Sebastián

Capital city of Gipuzkoa, it offers countless points of tourist interest. Get a kick out of its 3 beaches, its natural green environment, the urban center, high-quality gastronomy and numerous cultural and social events.

Donostia-San Sebastian

Natural parks
Parques naturales

Aside from its towns and cities, you'll certainly never be short of opportunities to treat yourself to the countless natural environments that Gipuzkoa offers.

Check them out here.

Aiako Harriak / Peñas de Aia
Cider houses

Make a reservation in one of our cider houses. Savour the different apple ciders produced in town, both with devotion and wisdom, by different cider houses. Taste the traditional menu and its variations.

You will find numerous cider houses in Urnieta, as the apple cider tradition has never been forgotten in the area.

Elutxeta sagardotegia
Altuna sagardotegia
Eula sagardotegia
Oianume sagardotegia
Setien sagardotegia

The coast
La costa

86 km long, the coast of Gipuzkoa alternates between sandbanks and coastal mountains and villages. All 17 different beaches, clean, comfortable and mainly urban, are an essential resource to enjoy the sea.

The coastal towns feature a strong personality and various points of interest and landmarks. All of them (Mutriku, Deba, Zumaia, Getaria, Zarautz, Orio, Hondarribia...) are well worth a visit.


Museums, caves,...

Relish the rock art, museums and varied sanctuaries you can find in Gipuzkoa.

San Telmo Museoa
Parque científico y tecnológico de Gipuzkoa